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Manor House Stables Rates

Manor House Stables offers one rate for horses in full training. All fees are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate. Owners should note that all rates below cover MHS charges only. All BHA and Weatherbys charges are the liability of the owner and will be charged either to the owner's Weatherbys account or via a BHA invoice account.

Training Rate

The training is charged at 56.50 per day. This rate is purely a training fee and any veterinary costs, farrier fees, racing expenses and transport expenses will be added to your monthly invoice when your horse incurs these extra costs. When your horse is in exercise, it will also incur gallop and pool fees at 180 per month and feed supplements at 2.50 per day.

Horses on the  full training rate that are either injured or are not in full training for any other reason will go onto a resting rate of 39 per day.

Manor House Stables prides itself on its clear and transparent billing. When you are on the basic rate your monthly invoice will detail precisely all incurred costs in date order. This gives you a snapshot of exactly what has happened to your horse over the course of the month.

Yearling Rates

Yearlings are subject to a training fee discount from the date of purchase to 31 December. This is at 45 per day with any additional costs such as farrier etc will be added to your monthly invoice.

Please note that Manor House Stables' rates are non-negotiable.